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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Festa Italia, Vespa, & Rain

Festa Italia in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2005. Love that Vespa. There's a dealership in downtown Minneapolis w/ a Vespa mounted above the door. Going to Festa July 20,21,22, 2006, again. Pazza Donna di Piove, Crazy Lady of the Rain, was my unofficial title. Donna means woman in Italian, but it's also my given name; well, "Donna Jean" is my real first name. I sat by myself in the front row listening to an Italian acapella group sing. It was really pouring but I figured I had only spandex on so it would dry if the sun ever came out. So I had given my umbrella to Angelo Rulli! I then bought a lime green t-shirt & put it on. Later we're invited to meet the singers but of course they don't recognize me w/ a green shirt so I take it off, Brandi Chastain soccer style, & everybody now recognizes me & feels so grateful because hardly anyone stayed during their performance except the crazy lady in the rain.


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