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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Franta & Ze in Alaska, Mt. McKinley Princess, Bean's Cafe & Wing Young Huie

Wing Young Huie, Minneapolis College of Art & Design trained photographer, has inspired us. He is an advocate of the strengths of our diversity as seen in Frogtown, the title of one of his books AND where, for 35 years, I taught highschool art, photography, & English. Coached varsity volleyball coach for 30 seasons, track for 8 seasons & filed a Title IX lawsuit in 1977. Something about standing up if you think you're right, even if you stand alone. Welcome to the "Giraffe Society" for sticking your neck out. As I was showing my class Blong, on the cover of Wing's book, I questioned how close his likeness was to one of my students and the student answered "Blong is my brother and he is getting a haircut by my father on our front porch." Thanks, Wing!


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