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Monday, March 13, 2006

Barcelona, Sardegna, Corsica, Mediterranean Sea

Wow! Hurricane is Force 12, we were at force 10-11 meter waves. What a 24 hour period from hell. Myra wanted to be airlifted out by a helcopter but others were unbothered. The glass door etched with the Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch's The Scream, shattered. It was the door to the piano lounge and was never replaced. In reality, Edvard Munch's Scream is on the FBI's 10 most wanted missing pieces of art. It was stolen some time ago and has never surfaced. Glad that I saw it in Oslo in 1976!

The 9 foot speaker fell the oppsosite way from me as I was sitting in the piano lounge. I saw chairs with people catapaulting and rolling across the floor. The band named "No Problem" was too sick to play. I lost weight, the hard way. We had one good day and then another repeat. Another night lost.

Many British friends left in Barcelona, especially our chauffeur driver Trevor Starr and his fantastic wife, Mary. Trevor had driven the 5 English speaking shipmates around the entire Island of Elba, after we docked at Portoferraio. It is a Tuscan island where they had vacationed previously and we were looking for a house with a pool close to the street but never found it. It was hilly with cobbled streets and vacant lush homes used for the summer season, which was just about to start. The Mediterranean sun was breaking out earlier this year, much to our delight. What everyone though was cool was warm to us. He drove us all over the French Island of Corsica, too. Ajaccio was our starting point and we ascended to 11.000 feet. Trevor, also known as Mario Andretti, made it s a safe and less hair raising experience, even though we were almost t-boned by a cement truck. Everyone had insurance except me, guess I'll be getting it next time.

Caglari is the port of the Italian Island of Sardegna, another wonderful experience. Superlatives are definitely overused here and everything should be in UPPER CASE, or flaming in the parlance of e-mail. These places are off the charts, each being so different from each other. Speaking Italian comes in handy. Wish I could post my photos!


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