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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Morocco, Medina & Gibraltar's monkeys

How can 19 ports in 22 days be almost done? Yesterday it was the monkeys in Gibraltar finishing the day with rugby games in 3 pubs and today it was the casbahs, souks, drenching rains and aggressive Arabs! I spent 2 hours in the 9th deck hot tub& got wind & sun burned.
Leaving good friends from all over the world. Will be hard to get wired again, meaning a telephone, computer, internet, email, and 20 inches of snow with spring delayed 3 weeks in Minnesota. The previous blogs were faulty & did not post correctly so don't be surprised if anything works here. The ship is listing terribly right now and the captain's dinner was stellar. I missed the farewell party as my head was expelling the gourmet dinner along with the motion sickness pill into the toilet. I was turning green in the lounge and listing as much as the ship. I knew my room would only make me worse, as I was at the front of the ship over the anchor. When we moved out of the straits of Gibraltar we anchored in the Mediterranean. Not a problem, but cranking up the anchor I discovered at the end of the 3 week voyage that my room was OVER the anchor, and I head it crank for about 15 minutes at 4 AM local time. I met 4 others on the 9th deck, 2 people with Nikons up purposely for photographing the event of the straits and the full moon. Then for an hour the ship turned around Gibraltar and that noise made it impossible to sleep in my room, as with most of the others on 4th deck.
As we had to pack because in a few hours we will be docking in Lisbon. Portugal, for our last time together. Midnatsol, the Norwegian Coastal Lines 2003 beauty will be chartered by Germans as they take over for the swansong voyage from Lisbon to Oslo, Norway, where the summer season of cruising begins.

The bubble will burst soon and I will have to adjust. Every day has been an introduction to a new environment. Thanks for helping make it possible! Your thoughts from reality help anchor my surrealistic voyage.

At Alicante, Spain, we traveled 10 hours and went to Granada and the Alhambra. I shot a record of 1,600 photos in one day. Editing is my favorite past time. I took 4 individual 1 Gig media chips each holding approximately 400 large scale, highest resolution photos with my new digital single lens reflex camera, the Nikon D70s, with a 18-105mm zoom lens and a 70-300mm zoom lens, but only myself as a tripod. I do pretty well lowering my center of gravity and using a stable foot position with one in front of the other, a shoulder's width apart, learned from volleyball and the first 27 movements of tai chi chuan, the pure form of kung fu.


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