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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Shipmate Goodbyes: Johnny, Gert, Donna, Nils & Vallia

One of the late nighters who loves music!

Jan Heidenstrom, Guitar, harmonica & vocalist from "No Problem" band with wife, Jannicke. Super jokester! Are you married? Meet you in room 214.

Ingvald is a former ship captain. He collected 300+ signatures for a message in a bottle that was ceremoniously launched. He is quite the dancer.

The Brits: Raymond & son, Richard from Shrewsbury, England near Wales.

Richard at Hotel International in Lisbon overlooking City Center.

Vallia & Piano Man's mother who is a music teacher. Her other son is the "Jean Val Jean" opera singer. There's another son, too!

Piano Man, Keyboards from "No Problem" band.

Swede Johnny, Great Gert, Donna from MN, USA, Piano Man Nils, & Fashionista Vallia.


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