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Monday, March 27, 2006

MS Midnatsol Arrives In London 3/25/2006

Norwegian Coastal Voyage's Newest Ship, MS Midnatsol Arrives in London

25 March 2006
British Summer Time isn't the only arrival in London this weekend - MS Midnatsol, 'Midnight Sun' in Norwegian also visits for the very first time! The Midnatsol is an iconic element of Norwegian high summer, when the sun shines 24 hours a day. Whether MS Midnatsol can do the same is unlikely, but having experienced the coldest March day on record recently, Londoners will welcome any improvement in the weather!

Back in Minnesota the snow still flies, USA's Black History month (February) is over, and one of my favorite photographers, Gordon Parks died March 7 at age 93.
After Mark biked 32 miles outside today, we went to the University of Minnesota's women's Frozen Four national championship tournament. We lost to neighboring Wisconsin at Mariucci Arena in Mpls. We had been 2 time national champs and lost 0-3 with 2 of Wisconsin's goals scored within 39 seconds. Our goalie had 31 saves to Wisconsin's 19 which means their goalie really won that game for them!
Trina epitomized the U of M's Golden Gopher, even though she's black. She was decked out with her maroon & gold, down to her "Point U" tennis. Paul refs hockey and and he couldn't believe the unwarranted penalties that cost us. I sat next to the Jorissen sisters who play hockey and we continued swapping stories at the Chinese restaurant in Dinkytown Town. Mark downed a whole red pepper in his Sichuan Beef which is a whole lot hotter than Princess Garden's which we had on Saturday. I sure missed pasta and Chinese being on a Norwegian ship for over three weeks!!!!

Erik will begin spring break next week climbing. He even makes his own tools for climbing ice! I make my own tools for CARVING ice.


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