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Friday, April 07, 2006

Torino, Italia 2006 Olympics

Galasport, the night before the closing ceremony, was so exciting. The motto for the city, Passion Lives Here, was definitely present. Tickets for the closing were 875 Euro or about $1200. Couldn't try scalping at that price!

The 10,000 meter skate was won by Bob De Jong of Holland but Chad Hedrick, Texas, USA, came in #2! There were just a few Americans at the Oval Lingotto but we united as Olympians! Notice my split personality: I have the Italian flag and "Viva Italia" jacket and my USA Olympic gear! Doubly prepared!

Torino volunteers made the Olympics, even providing umbrellas! Yes, it rained in Torino and snowed in the mountains. I was ushered in and called "Principessa di Torino," I even got a white rose from the sponsor, Coca Cola!


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