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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Abruzzo (AQ) Family Tree: Ranelli, Di Nino, Di Clemente, Ciaralli, Fallavollita,

Di Nino & Di Clemente Family Tree
The descendants of Antonio Di Nino & Maria Di Clemente
Antonio Di Nino, Abruzzo (AQ)
Antonio’s sister was Mariucci Di Nino. His brother was Alessandro Di Nino whose wife was Christina.
b. March 4, 1876 Corfinio, Abruzzo (AQ) L’Aquila, Italy
d. March 10, 1960 buried in Corfinio AQ Italy
m. Maria Di Clemente first, then Carmela Guzzo
Maria Di Clemente’s father was Francesco Di Clemente. His brother was Nazarino Di Clemente whose wife was Giovanella. Antonio’s stepsister was Elisabetta from Roccacasale. Maria’s mother was Rosalina.
b. Roccacasale, AQ Italy

1. Rizier Di Nino Chicago, Illinois
m. Conzilia Ferzocco with son Felice
1. Tony (Antonio)
d. February 1998
m. Theresa
2. Guido Di Nino
m. Gina
1. Esther
2. John
d. Dec 1999
1. Felice Ferzocco Chicago, Illinois
m. Bianca Di Marzio, Sulmona
1. Joanne Ferzocco
m. David Preng Sugarland, Texas
1. Mark
2. Laura
3. Christopher
m. Rae (Sugarland, Texas)

2. (Fragoletta) Domenica Di Nino Corfinio, Italy
m. Attilio Ciaralli
1. Vittoria Ciaralli Montreal, Canada
2. Patricia Ciaralli
3. Onelia Ciaralli Toronto, Canada
m. Tony Paschetta
1. Nick Paschetta
m. 2000
2. Alessia Paschetta
m. 2000 Massimo Saragosa
4. Nerino Ciaralli, Rome, Italy
m. Maria Rosa
1. Manuela
2. Donatella
d. Nerino died
5. Maria Ciaralli Toronto, Ontario, Canada
m. Conzezio Antonucci
1. Paola Di Battista
2. Anna
6. Fulvio Ciaralli, Corfinio, Italy
m. Anna
m. 2000
7. Enzo Ciaralli, Australia
m. Dora
1. Marina
2. Attilio
3. Gerry
4. Daniela
5. Jim
6. Loreta

3. Anna Di Nino
m. Sorci
1. Giovanna deceased
2. Nerino Sorci d.
3. Ubaldo Sorci, Bergamo
Paolo Pappa, Rome, Italy
m. Erminia
1. Lavinia Pappa
2. Simona Pappa Rome, Italy
m. Roberto Tomassini
1. Alice 2004

4. Concettina Di Nino
Concettina (Italian translation: little shell) came to America at the age of eighteen. She married Salvatore Ranelli at the Chiesa San Pellino in Corfinio. They lived at 24 Lake Phalen Creek, Swede Hollow, St. Paul, Minnesota where Mario and Lucy were born. Moved to 693 Bedford Street, St. Paul, MN 55101: 1-651-776-2293 John was born
b. January 16, 1903 Corfinio, L’Aquila, Italy
d. March 31, 1996 St. Paul, MN buried at Fort Snelling
m. 1921 Salvatore Ranelli in Corfinio, Italy WW I Meusse-Argonne Front, France
Salvatore Ranelli, from Celano, Italy, arrived on April 5, 1911 on the ship Principe di Piemonte, which left from Naples, Compania, Italy. He was 20 years old.
Salvatore Ranelli became Sam Ranelli, U.S. citizen, and returned to Italy to marry Concettina Ranelli, who became a U.S. citizen by marriage. On March 27, 1921, they arrived on the ship Presidente Wilson from Naples, Compania, Italy. He was 31 years old and she was 18.
d. June 21, 1985 buried at Fort Snelling, Mpls, MN
1. Mario John Ranelli I
b. January 18, 1922
d. October 26, 1997 buried at Fort Snelling National National Cemetery, WWII Army Air Corps, St. Paul Water Department, 35 years, senior foreman, 1940 Johnson HS Purple Heart, Overseas Medal of Honor, stationed in Nome, Alaska, & Keflavik, Iceland
m. June 1, 1946 Jennie Angeline Monno, 35 years Taystee Bakery
b. February 12, 1920, Cumberland, WI
1. Donna Jean Marie Ranelli Gregory, Johnson HS 1967, BA 1970 College of St. Catherine StudioArt, English, Coaching, MA 1995 University of St. Thomas, Educational Technology 35 years St. Paul Public Schools: Washington High School, Como Park HS art, English, teacher, varsity volleyball coach 33 seasons, Track & Field 5 seasons
b. February 9, 1949, St. Paul, St. Joseph's Hospital
m. July 31, 1970 Mark La Clair Gregory, Cretin HS 1964, BA 1968 College of St. Thomas Accounting, US govt. mailman, 30 years, avid bicyclist
b. June 21, 1946
1. Gina Ranelli Gregory, Mounds View HS 2000,BA 2004 Studio Arts College of St. Catherine, photographer
b. June 26, 1982 St. Paul Ramsey Hospital
m. 9/15/2006  Ralph Leigh Pennel, b.2/4/1971 Manhattan, Kansas, creative writer, English professor
BA Knox College, MA Hamline University
divorced 2010
2. Mario John Ranelli II, Johnson HS 1969, graphic artist St. Paul Technical College 1970
b. January 22, 1951 St. Paul, MN
d. December 12, 1971 buried at Fort Snelling National Military Cemetery (carbon monoxide)
3. Geno Samuel Ranelli, Johnson HS 1969
b. January 22, 1951 St. Paul, MN
d. missing since May 20, 1977, declared legally dead, enlisted US Navy 1969-1971 Eye, Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist, St. Albans Naval Hospital, New York, NY
4. Denise Marie Ranelli, Johnson HS 1976, attended U of MN, Horst Aveda 1977 hairdresser
b. June 1, 1958 Cumberland, Wisconsin
m. September 30, 1988 Michael John Lynch, Johnson HS 1975 Hunt Electric; 3M electrician
b. May 21, 1957
1.Kyle Mario Ranelli Lynch B.S. U of MN
b. May 26, 1991
2.Maria Ranelli Lynch
b. July 3, 1994
2. Lucy Ranelli
b. August 18, 1924 #24 Phalen Creek, Swede Hollow, St. Paul, MN
m. Robert Carchasky, Burlington Northern Railroad
b. August 9, 1923 Chaska, MN
d. November, 2 1999 buried at Fort Snelling
1. Lori Jean Carchasky, Johnson HS 1978
b. January 28, 1960
m. April 24, 19 divorced: September 16, 1987 Laird Anderson
b. March 2, 1957
1. Angela Marie Anderson, Johnson HS 2000 Pharmacist U of MN
b. September 27, 1982
m. John Fox, 8/19/2006 electrician
2. Ashley Anderson, Johnson HS 2005 hair stylist
b. February 12, 1987
2. Mark Carchasky, Johnson HS 1978, self employed
b. January 28, 1960
m. September 19, Beth, divorced
b. October 23, 1962
Beth's Child:
1. Crystal Jensen
b. October 14, 1983

3. John Ranelli, Northern States Power 35 years, street laborer
b. January 15, 1932 St. Paul, MN
d. March 3, 2004 St. Paul, MN Forest Lawn Cemetery

Antonio DiNino
m. Carmela Guzzo (1st wife Maria Di Clemente died)
5. Mario Di Nino, Salerno, carabiniere
b. 1920
m. Clara
1. Mimma Di Nino Salerno, Italy
1. Francesco
b. 1984
m. Antonio Gerardi
1. Giulia Gerardi
b. Agosto, 2000
2. Ensa Di Nino Salerno, Italy, professoressa
1. Ottavio

6. Elsa Di Nino
m. Vincenzo Fallavollita
1. Luciana Fallavolita Sulmona, AQ Italy hairdresser
m. Giorgio Bartolucci
1. Mimmo
m. Daniela,
1. Giorgio Bartolucci II
b. 2006
2. Vincenzo (Fiat factory)
b. 1976
2. Anna Maria Fallavolita Sulmona, AQ Italy
m. Gaetano Di Jorio
1. Lisa Di Jorio
2. Luanna Di Jorio

7.Lina Di Nino Corfinio, AQ Italy
b. Corfinio, L’Aquila, Italy
d. buried in Corfinio; never married


At 11/5/10 3:32 PM, Anonymous Tony Di Nino said...

2. Guido Di Nino
m. Gina
1. Esther
2. John
d. Dec 1999

Guido Panfilo Di Nino and Gina Di Biase had four (4) children:
Esther Mary
John Robert
Robert Guido

I have other information but I need to confirm it with my mother, Gina Di Nino. I think Sam Ranelli might be my godfather.

Tony Di Nino
Coto de Caza, CA

At 11/3/11 1:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I am Livio Ciaralli, We are related. I am from th Ciaralli line that established itself in Montreal during the eraly 50's. Along with us, Fallavolita's came and Liberatore's. During the 70's there was a strong effort made to keep the paesan's close. We held many festivals and parties, also had sportive clubs and youth programs. It was alot of fun.

Attilio Ciaralli

This is my Grandfather's brother

And of course, my family is close to his children maria, Vittoria, Onelia and I keep in touch with them and my second cousins, their children ( Paola and her sister Anna Lisa )

I have a tree setup in Tribal Pages which outlines this whole side of your family. Perhaps you can add more, or i can link into your tree.

This is so exciting


Anyhow, all my best and thanks for posting some of the info


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