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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pizza, Immigration History Research Center, Andersen Library, Univ of MN

Roasting chestnuts on the streets is common to Tokyo, Japan, Italy and here in Lisbon, Portugal. The smoky, nutty taste is unique. Thanks, JoAnn, for bringing chestnuts to roast in the oven for Italian class. $4 a pound makes them a delicacy. Carving a cross into them gets them roasted just right.

Taking pictures of those buying street vendor roasted chesnuts in Lisbon can get you some hard looks.
Richard and Ray survey painted lines that warn how much smoking kills, an effective way to raise public awareness.

Making great pizza is an art. Woodfired stoves are the best. "Punch," in Highland Park makes the best locally. In Tivoli, Roberto made a heartshaped pizza for us at Erminia's mother's outside oven that Gina and I will never forget. Fr. John Forlitti went onstage at Mambo Italiano 5/20 and talked about teaching philosophy, cooking and love. His recipes are published much like "Like Water For Chocolate." Pictured here is an island baker who also had an open, laptop that invited me to my first real connection, Midnatsol's dropped connections do not count.
Grazie mille, signor. Now if I only could remember if the island was Elba or Sardegna?
In the Immigration Historical Research Center there are 17 linear feet of Nicolo Odone's memorabilia which include his diaries of sketches and paintings on blue lined ledgers with red ruled margins. He uses ink which is not forgiving at all. He was born in 1868 and died in 1947. He was an Italian immigrant who became a priest at Our Holy Redeemer in St. Paul to minister to the Italians. The writing is in Italian and English. What eloquent drawings. I must find out more. Thanks, Rudy Vecoli, for all of your efforts.
Archive photo of Fr. Nicolo Odone possibly at Holy Redeemer Church in St. Paul, MN.


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