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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Captain's Dinner on the Midnatsol

Wendell and the Blue Ridge Mountain group at the Captain's dinner. Also the Somerset English Roger and Ann Coles! Wendell completed the Berlin Marathon October, 2005, and runs up mountains in 51 minutes. He also joined a photo shoot of beautiful women.
Dinners are exquisite events every night: three chefs with tall hats artfully displaying their treasures. "Moose on mousse" was a chocolatier's delight. Many designs looked like abstract animals. In fact, the chefs pour gravies in specific patterns. Presentation is everything. I was
a nuisance because I refused to drink expensive designer water or wine and chose the free tap water. It was presented in a carafe with a bowl of ice cubes and I was warned that it was not safe to drink. Three weeks of their water did not kill me. I just wish that pasta was on their recipe list as we were in 7 Italian ports: Savona, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Napoli, Catania, Elba, & Sardegna. Those Norwegians sure like fish.
Nils Breisten, piano man extemporare, and friend Gert, enjoying dinner before he starts entertaining us in the piano lounge.
Our other vocalist & piano man in the band, No Problem, Sverre W, was intensively searched for customs when we disembarked in Lisbon. It must have been his long hair and his keyboard equipment because he was meticulously dressed in his camel cashmere long coat. Even that new rug from the Berbers in Tangier, Morocco, was under scrutiny.
The other No Problem band member, Jan Heidenstrom with wife, Jannicke, dress for dinner.
Our saxophone player, Jan Harald Sjue and his wife, Lisbeth Sjue, dress for Captain's dinner.
Donna, Valia and our Swiss sister who nursed me through sea sickness. She was very sea worthy as she and her husband sailed their own ship on the Mediterranean for many years.
Here she and her Norwegian sister meet Captain Herodd Widding and tell him that their father was a captain, also.
Six of the eleven English speaking passengers on the Midnatsol include Myra & Phil Toconita, Roseville, MN, Roger and his wife, USA, and Mary & Trevor Starr, Crewkerk, England. We celebrated Phil's birthday which means a singing parade of chefs & staff with Norwegian flags, sparklers and dessert.


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