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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cosi, cosi. A little of this and that.

These figurative bottles are probably in the local dress, something I will be trying to recreate for the upcoming Landmark's Center Urban Expedition 4/23 1-4 PM and for the Festival of Nations May 4-7 at the Excel Energy Center. I will try to "look Italian" though I'm not sure what province, Abruzzo or Sicilia. I think every country has the white lace blouse, vest and skirt look. I've been embroidering, by machine, with the help of Mary Langlois, Como Park's Family and Consumer Science teacher. Everything is being monogrammed with a decorative "G" that only I can recognize. I love white shirts with French cuffs. It's so much fun to find antique cuff links. I have a lot of luck at the North Oaks garage sale that raises $$$ for the Children's Hospital and the St. Odilia jewelry boutique where everything is also donated.

Looking for a place to eat along the Costa Blanca was fun. We'd check out the locale and discover delightful stores. Adding miniature bottles of alcohol to my collection was my pasttime, but I admit the "Book of Wine," with its calligraphic text was greatly admired, though not purchased. Calligraphy is the key to Donald Jackson's St. John's Bible, a major undertaking by this scribe to the Queen of England. It's taken years but is embellished with so much art, it rivals the Book of Kells. The missing Gospel of Judas is being debated tonight on the National Geographic channel. Remember, it is "his" story. Revisionist history might become "her" story. Cosi, Cosi.
Myra & Phil enjoyed the local tap and finally got all the tapas they could eat. We enjoyed the local Monday market and took the train back to Alicante.
Cappuccino, espresso, cafe with latte, tea, or whatever is so much fun, especially if you're sitting outdoors. Of course, getting served was almost impossible, as everybody else was sitting indoors. It took forever to get tapas and drinks OUTDOORS. The summer season hadn't officially started and the regulars were getting served indoors. I was beginning to doubt my language skills, even after I had dragged the waiter outdoors 3 times to show him tht we really were ready to order.

Erik, climbing Gibraltar would be no challenge to you. It is really a big limestone rock around which a ship must navigate. It is hard to ascend through a series of hairpin curves.


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