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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Goodbye, Tyrone Guthrie Theater! Hello from Lily, Meryl & Michele!

Michele in Manali, India, enjoying the Himalayas.
The premiere of Prairie Home Companion by Garrison Keillor brought Hollywood to Saint Paul's Fitzgerald Theater Tues, May 2. My favorite was Lily Tomlin. Such a class act, as is Meryl Streep. Horse and carriage rides took them from the St. Paul Hotel to the red carpet at the Fitz. The film will open June 9 locally. Director Robert Aultman, Kevin Kline, John Reilly and Lindsay Lohan also showed up to create a field day for the paparazzi.

Daniel's interior construction of new Guthrie

On May 7, 1963, Tyrone Guthrie presented Hamlet on a new thrust stage in Minneapolis, MN. Today, Hamlet was again presented but it was the last performance ever on that same stage. What energy, what adoration for the spoken word, what greater play. I went in 1963 on a field trip & saw Hume Cronyn in Moliere's Miser. It was a performance one would never forget, as was tonight's. The architect Ralph Rapson was there, as was an actor who played the dwarf in Volpone in 1964 who came to say goodbye. We both shook Joe Dowling's hand & told him thanks. He welcomed us to the new Tyrone Guthrie Theater across the river when it opens in June. Jeanie, a costume maker, is a behind the scene artist for 18 years. It is her dream job. Thank you, Peter Michael Goetz, and Richard I & Stephen Yoakam. Thanks, Isabel Monk. Thank you, Tyrone for being a visionary.

A note from Michele:
Dear Family,
After 15 hours on the night bus, I arrived in Manali on April 30th and cannot believe the beauty and peace of these mountains. Am nestled right into them with no nearby road, just trees, boulders, and terraced fields with little paths running up and down the mountain. Up with the sun and to bed shortly after sundown. Getting my milk from the neighbor’s cow, vegetables from the landlord’s veggie garden, and just enjoying this simple life. No fridge, internet, or TV but daily life fills the day.
It is snowing in the mountains right now so the days are cool and rainy at the moment but I appreciate just being here with the stillness of the Himalayas, cooking at home and finding my way in this new situation. I rented a simple house with a great second floor balcony where I hang out when the weather is good or wrap up in a Manali blanket and sit outside even when it is cold. I cannot resist the mountains and just want to look at them all day long.
Much love to you all,
p.s. the photo is the view from my front veranda and there are mountains all around me.


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