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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Norwegians, Princesses and princely!

Princess Martha Louise of Norway collaborated with illustrator Svein Nyhus in their children's book, "Why Kings and Queens Don't Wear Crowns." An afternoon with a princess did not happen at the U of MN Elmer Andersen Library because she was sick. Svein carried on like a prince.

"Going for the Gold" If you can't have a crown, well, gold is up to $600 an ounce, that's Troy weight, 27 grams. The first time I saw someone wearing this I thought it was the real Olympic medal. I should have known, the real medals look like CD's on a ribbon. This one if the finest chocolate from Torino, Grandiuta. My "football" soccer jersey is the retro one of Alessandro del Piero, numero dieci, #10. Now he is #7, sete di oro, if you play scopa with Napoletana cards.

The brother of Norway's heartthrob is the quietest, most industrious worker & person. He is so sweet.

Look at those blue eyes. His illustrations make each page a wonderful work of art. Welcome to Minnesota, Svein Nyhus!


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