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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Salvatore Ranelli b. 1889, Abruzzo (AQ) Paterno di Celano,

Nonno Salvatore had ???? brothers and ??? sisters from Celano. He was the son of Giovanni Ranelli and Lucia Trotta. Their children:
1. Onofrio ?
2. Agnese ?
3. Lucia ?
4. Palmina ? (maybe a niece, not a sister, who are her parents?
5. Vincenzo
6. Domenico
7. Giovanni ?
8. Carmenuccio
9. Maria married Ciutti, daughter Antonina Ciutti, son Gabriele; 10. Domenica
11. Guerrino married Giuseppina Muccio. Their children are Marisa married Elvio Marziale daughter Valeria who married Mario ?;
12. Giovanna ?
13. Elvira ?
14. Crocifissa
15. Riccardo married Sofia Mastrozci and had no children,
16. Salvatore married Concettina Di Nino and had three children;
17. Nicolina ?
18. Luisetta ?

Salvatore Ranelli first came to the United States on April 5, 1911, on the ship Principe di Piemonte out of Naples (Compania). He was 20 years old. He fought for the United States in World War I in France on the Meusse-Argonne front, capturing German soldiers, prisoners of war. He went back to Italy to find a wife at age 31. he married Concettina Di Nino from Corfinio who was 18 years old in the Chiesa di San Pelino, Corfinio. He returned on the ship Presidente Wilson, March 27, 1921, from Naples. He worked in the mines in northern Minnesota, and as a laborer for the St. Paul Water Department. He had 3 children. He is buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery. His son, Mario, brought Salvatore and Concettina to Italy in the 1970's.

Salvatore's brother, Riccardo, lived around the corner from him on Fred Street. Riccardo fought for Italy in World War I and married Sofia Mastroci. They had no children. Riccardo and Sofia are buried in Calvary Cemetery with flat stones on the side of a hill. Riccardo worked for the railroad. Sofia died first and Riccardo spent the last years of his life at a nursing home. We visited him frequently and brought spaghetti and meatballs to him.

I would appreciate any e-mail addresses, and correct this information.
Donna Ranelli Gregory
317 Oakwood Terrace
Vadnais Heights, Minnesota 55127 USA

Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

Antonio DiNino lived in Corfinio, L’Aquila (AQ) in Abruzzo and married Maria Di Clemente from Roccacasale. They had 7 children:
1. Rizier Di Nino (Chicago, Illinois USA) one son, Felice Ferzocco (Bianca Di Marzio) one daughter, JoAnne (David) Preng, Sugarland, Texas, USA

2. Anna (Sorci, Roma) children Giovanna (Paolo Pappa & Erminia) 2 daughters: Lavinia Pappa and Simona (Roberto Tomassini) daughter Alice Tomassini, Roma

3. Domenica “Fragoletta” married (Atilio Ciaralli) 2 children: Maria, (Concezio Antonucci) and Onelia (Tony Paschetta) children Nicolo, & Alessia, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Canada;

4. Concettina Di Nino married (Salvatore Ranelli), Celano, Saint Paul, Minnesota USA) and had 3 children: Mario & Jennie Monno Ranelli, Lucia Ranelli & (Robert Carchasky) 2 children, twins, Lori Jean & Mark Carchasky. Lori married and divorced Larry Anderson and has 2 daughters, Angela (John Fox) and Ashley Anderson. John Ranelli (never married and no children.) John was was learning disabled and had diabetes. he never learned to read. John died March 3, 2004.

5. Lina Di Nino never married and had no children., Corfinio, 6.Elsa has diabetes, married (Vincenzo Fallavollita) Corfinio, and had 2 children, Lucianna, a hairdresser who married Giorgio Bartolucci, and had 2 sons, Mimmo (Daniela), son Giorgio II, 4 months, and Anna Maria who married Gaetano and has 2 daughters. They live in Sulmona.

7. Mario married Clara, and has 2 daughters Mimma who married Antonio Gerardi, children Francesco, 22 years, Giulia in Salerno; and Enza, who lives in Salerno & has a son Ottavio; Mario was a carabiniere and has diabetes. He is 86 years old. Their mother was Carmela Guzza & their father was Antonio Di Nino. Antonio’s first wife had died and he had 3 more children.

These are my relatives. Antonio Di Nino & Carmela Guzza are buried in the Corfinio cemetery. Nonna Concettina was married in the Chiesa di San Pellino at age 18 and went to America in 1921. Salvatore was 27 years old and had left Italy the first time in 1911. He fought in World War I for the United States. He was told not to marry Concettina because of her disposition but to marry one of the other sisters.


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