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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Paolo Soleri: Charcoal Nude/Bronze Wedding Bell

Paolo Soleri, b. June 21, 1920,is a visionary architect who lectures at his "School of Thought" at Arcosanti 65 miles north of Phoenix, Arizona. American Frank Lloyd Wright was a contemporary of his, at Taliesin West. Accessing his city in the desert at night without a flashlight was adventurous. We were able to watch a bronze pour where the famous bells and chimes are made of molten fire. That is his modern wedding bell chime with the green patina. If you model for him, he will give you one of the charcoal sketches. I told him that he was lucky I didn't volunteer so, of course, it is not I. He also stipulates a specific age group into which I do not fit. This discourse was in Italian but he joked back that he was glad I wouldn't volunteer! Met his beautiful sister in law, the artist Maria Soleri who was getting ready for her upcoming exhibit. Thanks for the polenta! See you at Cosanti in Paradise Valley, Arizona.



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